the start of tray 3

tonight is tray 3
had a bit of a time getting them on to be honest....but, the bottom one snapped on good, and then i eventually got the top one on....usually i hear a "snap" when they go on the attachments, but, the top just kind of, smushed on? not smushed, but it didn't make a snap or a clicking noise like normal, but they're on, that's what matters, right?
this time i was smart and took aleeve and then waited a bit before putting them in
they're slightly uncomfortable....to say the least
i almost forgot to take pictures before putting them in!
but i remembered

4 weeks (omg! i'm already one month down!)

i think i'm starting to see a difference
i feel like, maybe, the bottom teeth are a little straighter and i feel like my arch is more rounded out now...if that makes sense?
2 weeks i go back to the dentist...hopefully she sees good things and i'm on course
however, there's a little space there at the top between my front teeth....it's there in the clincheck, but i wasn't sure how big it'd be....in the clincheck it's better at the end, and i'm not sure how i feel about that...i'm sure it'll mean refinements....i had said something when i first saw my clincheck, and she said we could always file between the 2 teeth....i'm not sure if she adjusted for this or not, but i don't think so...so i'll bring it up at my next appointment....it's not usually noticeable like that when my trays are out...only when i suck the spit out
maybe it's just so obvious to me because it's never been there before?
who knows
here are more angles of my teeth

and here is tray 1 and tray 3 comparison
(1 on the left, 3 on the right)

i don't see much difference.....
i month down! 10 to go! (hopefully!)
2 weeks til my next appointment...can't wait

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