i haven't posted in a while
i just switched to tray 9!
i'm almost half way done!
so far so good my friend
day 1

just before putting on tray 9

omg! can you see how the one tooth on the side there has come down? crazy, right?
dentist says that she thinks we'll need rubber bands on that one to help bring it down more....but i can't believe how low it's gotten already! she thinks it's not coming down enough
also, omg with the tooth between that tooth and my front tooth! can you see how that's come forward more? crazy right?
and my arch is much more rounded
i can't wait til that sideways tooth on the bottom straightens out...it's getting there, but man, i can't wait!
go back in 2 weeks from today to get trays 10-12...then i'll be more half way through
as long as i stay on the 20u 22l....