dresses and diy and stuffs.....

where to start...

ok we'll start with the dresses
i got a call last wednesday, the 3rd, that my dress was in!!! yayayayayayyayaayay
so, maureen, the mother, asked if i had my shoes and undergarments for the first fitting (!) i said i had shoes, but didn't think i was going to be wearing a bra with the dress...it holds them in pretty good i think, since its a corset back....os we decided no bra
the veil looks great with the dress
the tiara looks great with the dress
the dress is the perfect length...and since its corset, it allows me to gain or loose weight....ya know? if i gain a few, don't pull so tight, if i loose a few, pull tighter....and so i said "we just take in a bit here at the top?" (cuz my boobs aren't that big) and she said no, we just- and then she pulled tighter
i didn't get any pics...maureen is more of a, no nonsense kind of person...i think had donna been there, i could put it all on and parade around in my wedding garb!

so when we got there she said "so guess what else is here..."
my bridesmaids dresses! i had asked when she called about my dress being in, and they weren't in yet...and then i called on friday before coming in, and didn't ask, but she didn't say...
so we went towards the back room so she can show me, and there's a dress hanging there that's solid charcoal..and i go "they're supposed to be charcoal and black" and she pulls one off the rack from the back and its right, so i feel better
then she grabs that one and the all charcoal one and hangs them up in the room
but i ordered all 4 black and charcoal and she said they came 2 and 2....and i said no
and she went to check the orders (i remember her writing charcoal/black on each order form)...she ordered it right, but she didn't check the confirmation slip...so carly's and sasha's came in the wrong color...well, right color, but not with black...and ilissa and andrea's came in correctly....it took 4 months for these to come in...hopefully it won't take so long this time...it was her oops...and like carly said...when you go out to eat, it takes 20 mins for the food to come out, but if its wrong, it takes about 5....so...here's to hoping the dresses come quickly, esp since sasha's needs to be shipped to az
omg wait! what if the other 2 come from a different dye lot!
i had a feeling something would go wrong...but i thought the dresses would come black with charcoal trim....i could have lived with that...
frustrating....but i'm not as stressed about it as i thought i'd be
for a refersher, these are my dresses

i was out sick a couple of days from work a few weeks ago....so carly and i took advantage of that, which i shouldn't have....cuz i was sicker the next day....but we went to ac moore, and found some decorative boxes, round ones...that we plan on making a card box out of...ppl make 'em and sell 'em for like, $50+ whatever....the boxes were on sale, we got 2, different sizes, for $10! sweet! we also went to party city and bought more jars for the favors (there will be more on that later)....we were going to go to michaels, but didn't...spent the rest of the day brainstorming on what to do with the card box itself...so we decided to paint it silverish and use the thicker version of the ribbon we are using on the centerpieces...the black with the white dash grosgrain...and then we thought of getting these wooden letters spelling out thanks, painting them red glitter and putting them on top...carly went to michaels the 2nd day i was out from work and picked up chrome spray paint, the wooden letters, the ribbon and red glitter paint...its been too rainy to spray paint...but we did paint the letters

and then on this past friday, we cut out the bottom of the top box, and top of the bottom box and the slit for the cards...again, too rainy to spray paint! boo

i also did another diy project last week....or 2 weeks ago? i don't know..i wanted one of those rhinestone bride hoodies for getting ready...i know, weird, right? like me? rhinestoney girlyness? but i did....but i didn't want one that just said bride, its only a one shot deal...waste to me....so i had seen on etsy someone making these hoodies that say "mrs. hislastname est. wedding date" and charging $55 for the whole thing! (hoodie included) too much $$ if you ask me....but its great because then i can wear it whenever, on our honeymoon...whatever...so i went to old navy, found a $15 white hoodie...i had a $10 off coupon...sweet...then after much research, found the hot fix rhinestones, and after deciding on what color...found 10 gross (1400!) rhinestones for $9.99 and 2ft transfer paper for $4.15 (both had free shipping).....found some good free fonts on dafont.com and after much deliberation, figured out the font and size...printed it out...and came up with this

i think i put it up a little too high, my hair kinda covers it and the hood almost does...but i love it! and i showed my coworker who just got married (yesterday) and she loved it, so i offered to make her one...so she went on lunch and bought a cami (yay aero and our 50% off discount) and she wanted one that said soon to be
she loved it! i can't wait to see her pictures!! she's in hawaii now

speaking of...david (my boss sue's boss, so he's my boss too) said its ok for me to go then...cuz sue will be on maternity leave....and lou's boss said no, then the next day said yes...so hopefully he got the paperwork for it today so we can book our honeymoon! omg i wanna go to hawaii and i don't want to wait til jan....

so the favors...did i blog about those already?
we're going to do these mini jars with black/grey/white m&ms on them, and i made these stickers...d'oh no pics of the stickers!
but this is what the jars will look like, and the img of the stickers

got this xyron sticker maker...and started to make the stickers...we have just the right size punch..and it looks pretty cool, just didn't take the picture
now before, i said see more on the favors later...wellllllllllll
i went to a bridal shower on saturday for my mom's friend's kid (who we've known forever...she's getting married in july and her bro is getting married in sept, his fiance's shower was the previous week) and carly and i walk in and see mom and mom says something about the favors....THE SAME THING! but they're the ones from like bou-coup or something, the ones that are twice the size...and they had the most amazing cold stone creamery jelly bellys in them...well...at first, i was SO dissappointed...verging on tears...silly i know...but it was my favor! no, they had no idea really...but...my favor! by the end of the shower i was ok with it..i mean, mine are smaller, will be filled differently, and what, only 5 couples there will know? i'll get over it...i mean i know i'm ont the only one out there using these as favors...they sell them in the wedding aisle, online...ya know...but, not someone i know...ohwell....still a bummer

my fmil wanted some save the dates in spanish to send to family in uruguay......here they are

i hope they come out ok...they're being shipped to her....i think its translated right, she did the translation, i'm just worried about the image quality, ya know? i made it a hi res...ohwell..

what else was i wanting to blog about
that's it i think
off to get some actual work done i guess

i've gotten 2 bags done, started the 3rd, and mom and i went and bought the lining material for them...gotta get to that part! sweet