day 4

it's friday
i've had my trays since monday night...
the first night it wasn't too hard to take the trays off, but i think it's because they weren't even on for a full hour yet....
then it got harder
but yesterday morning it was a bit easier
and today, easier still
and it's not too tight on those bottom 3 teeth anymore
and i can get floss between 2 back teeth much easier (even though it hurts to floss between some bottom front teeth)
and if i look, where the floss goes easier now, i can see a space...so, my back teeth are actually moving already! my mom doesn't believe me, but it's happening
my teeth used to line up real good and stuff, but now, not back there...because there's movement!
and weird
my teeth are moving...now i'm weirded out

last night we went out to eat....i was worried, but, i had already had my trays out for a total of about an hour for the day, and i know 22 is the main goal, but my dentist said 20-22
the restaurant wasn't too far from home...so i took the trays out in the car, and we had yummy chinese food...it's still weird to chew....if my front teeth touch there's some pain, so i'm chewing on my molars, but i can't close my mouth all the way yet...and the attachments keep making me think there's food stuck to my teeth (esp the ones on the bottom tooth that's set back, and the top tooth that's set back..bc food gets stuck there normally)
anyway...so we went there, then to a cupcake place next door, and then home
so, the trays were probably out for more than an hour, which puts me over 2 hours for the day....2.5 hours?
that's not bad....i figure if it was too long, i probably would have had a really hard time putting them back in
and i didn't
but it did feel like my teeth were moving back? i don't know
not sure what i got myself into to be honest

tonight is pizza night at my parents....it should be ok...i've had them out about half an hour already today
then probably another half an hour for lunch....then later for pizza....only problem is my mom always has pop ems or some other yummy thing to eat....do i keep them out the whole time i'm there? or put them back in after pizza and then take them out for desserty type things and go through all the fun again?
we'll see
really, my main concern is how i'm going to eat pizza....so far everything i've eaten since getting them has been soft (pasta, rice, hot dogs, bagels, mac 'n cheese, even the chicken and broccoli last night was softish...even though i've been swallowing things kind of whole)....but pizza is also thinner
i am not giving up pizza for anything!


i'm starving and i have to pee!

day 2 and so far so good
well, day 3? i got my invisalign monday night, so....today was my 2nd full day of having them in

we'll start with how i got here

2009- a few months before our wedding, my fiance (now husband) decides to take it upon himself to ask his dentist what he knows about invisalign.....gee thanks sweetie...i thought you loved me the way i am
so i thought about it....growing up i was always told i needed braces, but, with my crazy teeth, i would have needed a few extractions, which, i did not want for anything
no way no how
so, my awesome parents did not push the issue
so, soon after lou inquired on my behalf, i had a check up/cleaning at my dentist, and i asked about it...and this one dentist there i don't like came in to tell me about it....the verdict was that it wouldn't make any difference in time for the wedding, so, why bother
and really, i was fine with it...my teeth don't bother me, and when i look at our wedding pictures, i don't thing "damn, i wish i had done something about my teeth!"
so, fast forward to april 2011, i had an appointment for a cleaning, and now i have a new dentist (same place, but my old guy doesn't work nights anymore) and she said something to me about invisalign, and i told her i spoke to another dentist about it, and was curious, and told her my concerns about extractions...she said that the consultation was free, so i made an appointment to get molds made to see if i was even a viable candidate for it.....a few weeks pass, and the office called saying that the results were back....so i go, and she tells me that they can't do it, regular braces would be best, and something about extractions...i said, thanks, but no thanks
i was oddly disappointed since i am totally ok with my teeth the way they are, if i'm self conscious about anything, it's not that.....but, i do have a tooth on the bottom that is turned almost completely around, and i do bite my lip often with it, and it can be annoying....and i do have a fang where my adult tooth grew over my baby tooth (which was only pulled a few years ago)
so, i forgot about it, which was good, i mean, we couldn't afford it anyway
then in june or so, i get a call from the dentist office again, saying that she re-submitted my case, and they said yes, indeed it is doable, and without extraction! awesome! so i went in, and she showed me my clincheck, and i made her figure out a way to email it to me
my awesome snaggle teeth
so, those reddish things are buttons....they go on your teeth to create friction to help rotate the teeth...and those numbers are where the ipr will take place...that's where they file down your tooth to make room for movement
after much hemming and hawing, i finally decided to go through with it.....so i called and said it's a go....and a couple of weeks later (last thursday) they called saying the trays were in, and i made an appointment for monday night
i get there, they take me right away....she cleans off the teeth where the buttons are going, and starts with that...
it starts with a tray similar to the regular tray, but not as stiff plastic, and they fill the button holes with the composite, fit the tray to your teeth, and then use the blue light to cure the composite....she did the right side first, and then did the top left and bottom left...i have 10 total...after that, she filed them down so that they were smooth, and were the right shape
after that, she filed down between 2 of my teeth on the left side
then, she popped the trays on! and yikes....a little tight, but not too bad...i tried to take them off, but i had hard time with the top tray due to all the buttons (7 on top), and then i popped it back in myself, and had no problem really with the lower one
i went to show my folks, and realized that the inside of the bottom tray is totally irritating my tongue...like crazy
so i get home, lou goes "ok so are they in?" and i know he's just being the awesome husband, because they are noticeable...i have a thingie right on my front tooth!
so i pop them out, and have something to eat...and before i put them back in, i tried to file down the rough spot...and i did...or thought i did....i had no issues taking them out or putting them back in
tuesday morning,i took them out when i got in the shower, and then brushed/flossed/swished when i got out (25 mins out), then i go to work...armed with a toothbrush, toothpaste and some floss.....i usually eat like, yogurt or chewy bars, or oatmeal bars when i get to work, and then have coffee with a coworker, so i figured i'd just wait til coffee and consume everything at once, so that i don't have to take the trays out....only mildly difficult to take them out, and i had them out about 25 mins again....head to the bathroom, brush, floss and pop them back in....felt kind of tight on the bottom by the buttons...then lunch..i decided to go to the mall (i work across from a mall) and bring the food back to minimize the time out....so for lunch they were out for about, another 25-30 mins....the top was tough to get out, but, after brushing and flossing, both top and bottom snapped back in no problem....but again, the bottom was uncomfortable by the buttons
but it went away...just a lot of pressure....i think total time out yesterday was just over 2 hours...
same for today....i notice them in my mouth less...i had to file down a few more spots this morning, but all in all, not bad......
i had to go to target last night and pick up more things for work..i didn't like the small tube of toothpaste i had at work, so i got a new thing of that, and some mouthwash for work, and some of the flosser things....i'm all thumbs when it comes to dental floss
i also picked up a water bottle since all you can drink with them in is water...and, like i said to my boss "if anything, i'll loose weight just from walking to the kitchen to get more water, and walking to the bathroom to pee"....so i got a water bottle bc it holds more than the cups at work, so i'd fill it up less....and it wouldn't end up tasting like paper cup at the end of the day
i filled up the 24oz bottle 3 times....and man i had to pee so much!
and this no snacking thing is going to kill me...i've never been so hungry! i suppose it's for the best...i do snack a lot
and it's not worth it since the buttons are annoying, and it's a pain to take off the trays, and brush/floss/swish every time.....
so, i've been caught twice in the ladies' room, once yesterday, and learned that she too had invisalign before (she's now in retainer stage), and she had it since i've known her......i would have never known....and today, and she told me she's been dying to get her husband to get it.....
i don't plan on telling a lot of people i'm doing it, but i'm not going to sneak around with my stuff...if someone says something, i'll tell them...i'm not embarrassed
anywho, i'll leave you with pictures for now
(we took pics the night before on my other camera, but, i can't find the cable to load 'em up)
my first set of trays
first night with the trays! can you see them?
(they may or may not be in, i dunno)
most of my buttons
and the other side

and from today

it's really weird...
no change yet, but, the dentist said that the tooth on top that's behind (on my left, but on the right in the picture) should be almost to the front by the 3rd set of trays
it hurts to chew when i take them out
my front teeth are sore
i feel this constant pressure like something is stuck between all my teeth
i have this crazy urge to bite down really hard
but, so far so good
i have 20 upper trays and 22 lower trays, so, as long as i don't need any refinements, it should take 11 months
i was quoted 11-16 months


it's been a while

i haven't posted in a long time
but, i'm going to try and blog now about something else
i just started invisalign last night, and i'm thinking about blogging about it
we'll see
i might just let it fall by the wayside like my knitting blog or blogging about my pictures, or whatever else i tried to blog about

but, i'm at work now, so we'll see if i add more later