halfway mark!

last night i put on tray 11
so, that means i'm halfway done with the top, and i'm almost halfway done on the bottom!
however, i think my dentist said that maybe at the end, depending on how the space is forming between my front teeth, i might need a few more trays...just to get rid of that gap
but, here's before the first tray

and here is after tray 10

the canine on my right has come down so far! and the 2 teeth next to my front teeth are no longer in the shadow (mainly the one on the right, but the one on the left is coming up too, but still a little behind my front tooth)

i seriously can't believe how much has changed already

i go again on jan 11, which happens to be my bday...lucky me!
i need more ipr...i think on one spot up on the right hand side, and in a couple of spots on the bottom left hand side...
i can't wait for that crooked tooth on the bottom to straighten out more....when i put on tray 11, it was super tight on top, and not so much on the bottom....
oh, and she's thinking of giving me a rubber band...to help pull that right canine down more because it's not coming down like she'd like.....but everything else is on track!
my arch is nice and rounded out now...before it was more angular...things i didn't notice about my teeth and mouth until after starting invisalign.....
and people are noticing more, there are still some co-workers that haven't noticed (or at least haven't said anything) and those that do know keep saying how much straighter they look
and whiter too
but you can see that tiny little gap between my front teeth...it looks small here, but when i look in the mirror, it glares at me...so what's a few more weeks to try and get rid of that...some ipr between there and done...