the start of tray 3

tonight is tray 3
had a bit of a time getting them on to be honest....but, the bottom one snapped on good, and then i eventually got the top one on....usually i hear a "snap" when they go on the attachments, but, the top just kind of, smushed on? not smushed, but it didn't make a snap or a clicking noise like normal, but they're on, that's what matters, right?
this time i was smart and took aleeve and then waited a bit before putting them in
they're slightly uncomfortable....to say the least
i almost forgot to take pictures before putting them in!
but i remembered

4 weeks (omg! i'm already one month down!)

i think i'm starting to see a difference
i feel like, maybe, the bottom teeth are a little straighter and i feel like my arch is more rounded out now...if that makes sense?
2 weeks i go back to the dentist...hopefully she sees good things and i'm on course
however, there's a little space there at the top between my front teeth....it's there in the clincheck, but i wasn't sure how big it'd be....in the clincheck it's better at the end, and i'm not sure how i feel about that...i'm sure it'll mean refinements....i had said something when i first saw my clincheck, and she said we could always file between the 2 teeth....i'm not sure if she adjusted for this or not, but i don't think so...so i'll bring it up at my next appointment....it's not usually noticeable like that when my trays are out...only when i suck the spit out
maybe it's just so obvious to me because it's never been there before?
who knows
here are more angles of my teeth

and here is tray 1 and tray 3 comparison
(1 on the left, 3 on the right)

i don't see much difference.....
i month down! 10 to go! (hopefully!)
2 weeks til my next appointment...can't wait


3 weeks and 2 days down

i think i have a new space in between my front top teeth
they used to slightly overlap on the bottom, and now they don't as much

as much as this set hurt (well, TONS of pressure) when i first put them on, it eased up by thursday
i had had a hard time putting the top one on at first, and was afraid that my teeth didn't move right with the first tray, but it went on..i had to like, pull the tray up and over the attachment on my fang....and now it just slips right on no problem

the first few days, if i had it out for more than 30mins, it was tight putting it back on, but today at work, lunch time and ice cream wednesday, they were out for like an hour....and when i put them back on, they weren't very tight.....i almost want to just to right to the 3rd tray! but no...i can not

my next appointment with the dentist is in 2 weeks from yesterday, just under 2 weeks...right....i think it's going well....hopefully she'll say i'm right on track......

on a side note, i had to go to a dr appt the other day, and i had lost 5 lbs since i was last at the dr (6 weeks ago), so, perhaps due to the invisalign

i really do miss snacking.....but i've been good...i only take out the trays in the morning to brush and stuff to get rid of gross morning mouth, then again later in the morning for coffee and breakfast, then for lunch, then for dinner, and that's it....on the weekend i take them out maybe 3 times....still at about 21.5- 22 hours a day, more towards the 22 hours of that range....



holy tight aligners batman!

i really should have taken the aleeve/advil before putting in the trays

i feel this crazy amount of pressure on the front top teet
i almost couldn't get the tray on! that was a worry for me.....but i eventually got them up over the attachments....yikes!

there was some pressure on the bottom, but now it's gone
not sure if it's really gone, or all my attention is being directed towards this crazy pressure on the top!

i can deal with a few days of this...

at least my tongue and lips aren't getting chewed up like last time...i filed the trouble spots before putting them in...not sure if they would even be trouble spots again...but whatevs

here's to hoping the aleeve kicks in soon.....

2 weeks down!

time to change my trays!
i'm going to do it before going to bed
a common theme throughout the other invisalign blogs i've read, is to take a couple of advil, pop in the trays and go to bed....then they're not so bad in the morning
i am a little bummed, not a huge difference between tray 1 and 2
trays 1 are on the bottom, and trays 2 are on the top, upper on the left, lower on the right
trays 1 on the left, trays 2 on the right
i had added some fancy editing on them
but they look the same!

this is from 7/24, i started on 7/25

this one is from 8/2, after having them a week, i guess maybe that top one is a little more forward? but my teeth are definitely whiter...and maybe the front bottom are a little straighter?

this is from tonight
my teeth aren't closed, but this is one of the better pictures...my other pictures have my tongue pressed up against my teeth...as is the way i normally smile for some reason
ok, so, i think my arc is a little more archy? not as boxy as it was? i don't know

before invisalign bottom teeth...my sister said i had shark teeth, cuz i had an extra row....
after a week of invisalign- the front ones look a little more in line

tonight- maybe i'm imagining them being straighter? i do see more space between them

ah who knows what's going on
only time will tell......


it's been one week

no, not the bnl song

it's been one week since i got invisalign
and you know, i was going to post pictures, but ugh....i'm mildly disturbed by all the close up pictures of my mouth area...boo

anyway, one week down, and so far so good! if all i have is a few days of mild discomfort every other week, then it's not so bad.....
i've gotten used to the no snacking already, and water is my new bff

i don't even notice the trays as much anymore...and the bottom one now comes off like a breeze...the top is still a bit of a fuss but that's because i have 5 attachments on one side, and 2 on the other....so as one side will come off easier, the other side is still stuck...and the bottom i only have the 3 in the one spot, so it pops right off

i'm glad i don't feel them anymore...tomorrow night i'm going to pa to hang out with my real bff and then go see toad the wet sprocket! so that worked out well that i didn't have to change my trays before going, and the first trays are so comfy, so it's ok to go out and stuff

so, so far this week, i had pizza night, and the trays were not an issue, we ordered out, and that was ok...we went out for dinner twice, and that worked well...one time i just waited til we got home to brush and put them back in, and the other, i used the ladies room there...not a problem....on sunday we spent the day with lou's family, and they didn't notice at all...well, i didn't tell them, and their eyesight isn't the best, so either they didn't see, or are being too polite to say "hey, what's up with your teeth??"

i feel like there's been some movement...it's easier to get the floss between some of my bottom teeth....but after looking at some before and after pictures (pics from the sunday night before getting them, and after being ones i just took tonight) i don't really see much of a difference...
when it comes time to switch trays, i'm going to compare them...i don't want to take 2 and 3 out of their packages yet....but i'm so tempted to to see if there's a difference between tray 1 and 3

my cleaning regime so far has just consisted of water and a toothbrush...and i only use the toothbrush if i see any especially cloudy looking spots....i just rinse them, and then i smell them (weird! i know!) to make sure they're not smelly, and then put them back in....
i floss brush and mouthwash every time before putting them back in...is that bad? too much?  i probably take them out 4 times a day....i'm averaging about 22 hours a day, give or take 10mins or so
i take them out in the morning after i shower to clean them, and floss/brush/swish
then i take them out at work for some coffee and breakfast, then floss/brush/swish
then i take them out for lunch, and again, floss/brush/swish
and then again for dinner, floss/brush/swish
is that too much?  i didn't swish today at lunch, and i didn't feel gross
just sometimes my mouth feels super gross, and i feel like i have cotton mouth
can i swish while wearing the trays?  can i have breathmint? or use listerine pocket strips? i got some of the listerine things, and used them....i hope it's ok?
i'm just super paranoid about having bad breath...sometimes when i take the trays out (in the morning) they're kinda smelly
i soaked them in effordent on saturday while having breakfast...it didn't seem to do anything special.....but i'll probably soak them again when i put them away and switch to tray 2

so, 1 week down, 43 weeks to go?