3 weeks and 2 days down

i think i have a new space in between my front top teeth
they used to slightly overlap on the bottom, and now they don't as much

as much as this set hurt (well, TONS of pressure) when i first put them on, it eased up by thursday
i had had a hard time putting the top one on at first, and was afraid that my teeth didn't move right with the first tray, but it went on..i had to like, pull the tray up and over the attachment on my fang....and now it just slips right on no problem

the first few days, if i had it out for more than 30mins, it was tight putting it back on, but today at work, lunch time and ice cream wednesday, they were out for like an hour....and when i put them back on, they weren't very tight.....i almost want to just to right to the 3rd tray! but no...i can not

my next appointment with the dentist is in 2 weeks from yesterday, just under 2 weeks...right....i think it's going well....hopefully she'll say i'm right on track......

on a side note, i had to go to a dr appt the other day, and i had lost 5 lbs since i was last at the dr (6 weeks ago), so, perhaps due to the invisalign

i really do miss snacking.....but i've been good...i only take out the trays in the morning to brush and stuff to get rid of gross morning mouth, then again later in the morning for coffee and breakfast, then for lunch, then for dinner, and that's it....on the weekend i take them out maybe 3 times....still at about 21.5- 22 hours a day, more towards the 22 hours of that range....

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