halfway mark!

last night i put on tray 11
so, that means i'm halfway done with the top, and i'm almost halfway done on the bottom!
however, i think my dentist said that maybe at the end, depending on how the space is forming between my front teeth, i might need a few more trays...just to get rid of that gap
but, here's before the first tray

and here is after tray 10

the canine on my right has come down so far! and the 2 teeth next to my front teeth are no longer in the shadow (mainly the one on the right, but the one on the left is coming up too, but still a little behind my front tooth)

i seriously can't believe how much has changed already

i go again on jan 11, which happens to be my bday...lucky me!
i need more ipr...i think on one spot up on the right hand side, and in a couple of spots on the bottom left hand side...
i can't wait for that crooked tooth on the bottom to straighten out more....when i put on tray 11, it was super tight on top, and not so much on the bottom....
oh, and she's thinking of giving me a rubber band...to help pull that right canine down more because it's not coming down like she'd like.....but everything else is on track!
my arch is nice and rounded out now...before it was more angular...things i didn't notice about my teeth and mouth until after starting invisalign.....
and people are noticing more, there are still some co-workers that haven't noticed (or at least haven't said anything) and those that do know keep saying how much straighter they look
and whiter too
but you can see that tiny little gap between my front teeth...it looks small here, but when i look in the mirror, it glares at me...so what's a few more weeks to try and get rid of that...some ipr between there and done...



i haven't posted in a while
i just switched to tray 9!
i'm almost half way done!
so far so good my friend
day 1

just before putting on tray 9

omg! can you see how the one tooth on the side there has come down? crazy, right?
dentist says that she thinks we'll need rubber bands on that one to help bring it down more....but i can't believe how low it's gotten already! she thinks it's not coming down enough
also, omg with the tooth between that tooth and my front tooth! can you see how that's come forward more? crazy right?
and my arch is much more rounded
i can't wait til that sideways tooth on the bottom straightens out...it's getting there, but man, i can't wait!
go back in 2 weeks from today to get trays 10-12...then i'll be more half way through
as long as i stay on the 20u 22l....



4/20u, 4/22l

so, i had my first 6 week dentist appointment tonight, and it went well
she said i'm doing great, and the trays are fitting perfectly so i'm obviously wearing them the right amount of time, and my teeth are moving like they should!
i don't get any more ipr until tray 13, and that's on my top teeth, and then tray 16 i get another ipr on the bottom, and tray 17 2 final ipr on the bottom
she thinks that the crooked tooth on the bottom might be an issue that i might need more attachments or buttons...but we'll see...that's why i have 2 more trays for the bottom
i haven't noticed any changes from tray 2 to 3, but we'll see if there's any difference for tray 4
i still feel like my arch is getting rounder....tray 4 looks rounder than tray 1
sooooooooooo we shall see!
i don't feel like uploading pics now, so i will later...
it'd only be pics of my trays.....my camera died so i had to take pics of my teeth with my phone


first appointment tomorrow!

well, really 2nd, but first since getting my invisalign!
i'm excited, and nervous
and hope she says "omg danielle! (she's young...like younger than me) you're coming along so great! you can wear your trays for a week at a time instead of 2!"
but that's not going to happen
would be super cool if it did though
but, i'm excited to see what she has to say, if i'm coming along nicely, if i'm where i'm supposed to be
the trays are loose-ish, and i had no problem getting trays 2 and 3 on, so i must be on schedule...
we'll see
yay for trays 4-6!


the start of tray 3

tonight is tray 3
had a bit of a time getting them on to be honest....but, the bottom one snapped on good, and then i eventually got the top one on....usually i hear a "snap" when they go on the attachments, but, the top just kind of, smushed on? not smushed, but it didn't make a snap or a clicking noise like normal, but they're on, that's what matters, right?
this time i was smart and took aleeve and then waited a bit before putting them in
they're slightly uncomfortable....to say the least
i almost forgot to take pictures before putting them in!
but i remembered

4 weeks (omg! i'm already one month down!)

i think i'm starting to see a difference
i feel like, maybe, the bottom teeth are a little straighter and i feel like my arch is more rounded out now...if that makes sense?
2 weeks i go back to the dentist...hopefully she sees good things and i'm on course
however, there's a little space there at the top between my front teeth....it's there in the clincheck, but i wasn't sure how big it'd be....in the clincheck it's better at the end, and i'm not sure how i feel about that...i'm sure it'll mean refinements....i had said something when i first saw my clincheck, and she said we could always file between the 2 teeth....i'm not sure if she adjusted for this or not, but i don't think so...so i'll bring it up at my next appointment....it's not usually noticeable like that when my trays are out...only when i suck the spit out
maybe it's just so obvious to me because it's never been there before?
who knows
here are more angles of my teeth

and here is tray 1 and tray 3 comparison
(1 on the left, 3 on the right)

i don't see much difference.....
i month down! 10 to go! (hopefully!)
2 weeks til my next appointment...can't wait


3 weeks and 2 days down

i think i have a new space in between my front top teeth
they used to slightly overlap on the bottom, and now they don't as much

as much as this set hurt (well, TONS of pressure) when i first put them on, it eased up by thursday
i had had a hard time putting the top one on at first, and was afraid that my teeth didn't move right with the first tray, but it went on..i had to like, pull the tray up and over the attachment on my fang....and now it just slips right on no problem

the first few days, if i had it out for more than 30mins, it was tight putting it back on, but today at work, lunch time and ice cream wednesday, they were out for like an hour....and when i put them back on, they weren't very tight.....i almost want to just to right to the 3rd tray! but no...i can not

my next appointment with the dentist is in 2 weeks from yesterday, just under 2 weeks...right....i think it's going well....hopefully she'll say i'm right on track......

on a side note, i had to go to a dr appt the other day, and i had lost 5 lbs since i was last at the dr (6 weeks ago), so, perhaps due to the invisalign

i really do miss snacking.....but i've been good...i only take out the trays in the morning to brush and stuff to get rid of gross morning mouth, then again later in the morning for coffee and breakfast, then for lunch, then for dinner, and that's it....on the weekend i take them out maybe 3 times....still at about 21.5- 22 hours a day, more towards the 22 hours of that range....



holy tight aligners batman!

i really should have taken the aleeve/advil before putting in the trays

i feel this crazy amount of pressure on the front top teet
i almost couldn't get the tray on! that was a worry for me.....but i eventually got them up over the attachments....yikes!

there was some pressure on the bottom, but now it's gone
not sure if it's really gone, or all my attention is being directed towards this crazy pressure on the top!

i can deal with a few days of this...

at least my tongue and lips aren't getting chewed up like last time...i filed the trouble spots before putting them in...not sure if they would even be trouble spots again...but whatevs

here's to hoping the aleeve kicks in soon.....