4/20u, 4/22l

so, i had my first 6 week dentist appointment tonight, and it went well
she said i'm doing great, and the trays are fitting perfectly so i'm obviously wearing them the right amount of time, and my teeth are moving like they should!
i don't get any more ipr until tray 13, and that's on my top teeth, and then tray 16 i get another ipr on the bottom, and tray 17 2 final ipr on the bottom
she thinks that the crooked tooth on the bottom might be an issue that i might need more attachments or buttons...but we'll see...that's why i have 2 more trays for the bottom
i haven't noticed any changes from tray 2 to 3, but we'll see if there's any difference for tray 4
i still feel like my arch is getting rounder....tray 4 looks rounder than tray 1
sooooooooooo we shall see!
i don't feel like uploading pics now, so i will later...
it'd only be pics of my trays.....my camera died so i had to take pics of my teeth with my phone

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