so...i got this new camera....

first off, i've changed the url...made it nowimdanielleg, because well, i'm not soontobe anymore, i am....and i'm going to turn this into a more personal kind of blog? we'll see

because i have nothing better to do with my money then to spend it on expensive things

i've always wanted to have a fancy camera, so...i just got my review and my bonus, and well, went to best buy and bought a camera
a nikon d3000....i read that its good for beginner slr, so that's what i am...and then i went to borders and the nikon d3000 for dummies book, and its been helpful already
because i'm that much of a dummy, i was taking picutres before reading the book, and decided that the manual focus was worthless...then i read chapter 1, and realized, i was just moving the zoom on the lense, and the focus was at the end of the lens...hence i wasn't really focusing on anything.....

so i've got this slr...and i've been taking some pictures, and what not....so far so good...some of them have come out really good, and i wonder why really this camera is much better than my sony point and shoot...i love my cybershot a lot, and i hope i don't forget about it and not use it...i mean something has to take a picture of the new camera, right?
so i got it at best buy, and decided to go with a package deal, and so i got the camera (which comes with a lens) and the package dealie came with a bag and another zoom lense...and got the warranty on it, and a 4gb memory card....all for a pretty good deal...i know that dslr's can be expensive, so i think i made out pretty good...

like an idiot i didn't take a picture of the actual camera...i would now, but, louie would probably look at me like i'm a tool, taking a picture of my camera....so i'll wait until he's not around of course ;)

so, while on ravelry one day, i was looking around other people's blogs and came across this 365 project thing.....and so i googled it, and wow, there are so many out there! i don't know which group to join? there's a lot on flickr, and there's a whole website, or 2 or more devoted to it...and i probably should have started it jan 1 or something, its not like i didn't have a pretty damn good p&s already

but i wanted to wait until i had an awesome real good amazing slr camera....so taking a picture a day would help me learn how to use it better....
since looking at photographers for our wedding, i became obsessed with looking at picutres and wanted to take really good pictures
i became obsessed with my macro function on my sony and trying to take really cool/creative pictures of my knitting and of things for the wedding and what not....i dropped my camera in disney in '08 and it really hasn't been exactly the same since, but, i do love it, don't get me wrong...the nikon is not to replace it, simply, to supplement it...i'm not going to cary that big thing around with me all the time, ya know?

so, i'm going to do this 365 project thing on flickr i think, or project365 i think it is
maybe i'll upload them to 365project.org as well, that is kind of twittery i think....if i do that, it can link to facebook, not sure if i want to link it to fb, but, we'll see...ppl might think it's weird or something....but who knows....

i'll also try and post them here as i do day by day

since i got the camera on the 2nd, i'll start my 365 from there, i've taken a photo (or more) a day since then......
so, this is what i have so far

day 1- 4/2/10-
dying easter eggs!

day 2- 4/3/10
playing with the focus (my purse on a bench, watching louie's practice)

day 3- 4/4/10 (easter and lou's birthday!)
special surprise!

day 4- 4/5/10
the trees in our yard

i'm ging to try and not post pictures of the kids so much, it will be hard cuz they're so cute, but, we'll see (so far i fail, because i posted them with the eggs...hmmm)

now i'm off to try and post them to the flickr group

wish me luck on this endeavor!
i've got A LOT to learn about this slr, and we'll see if i keep up with taking a picture a day until 4/2/11

here is my link for 365project.org

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