how about somebody GOT married!


so, we're nearing on the 5 month mark....in 4 days?
"so, how's married life?"

"so far so good"
"she hasn't changed the locks on me yet"
"we're still married"

i don't mind the question, and i know its just people trying to make small talk

so the other blog is about my knitting, and this was supposed to be about my wedding planning...
i might change the url and keep it as like, just a blog
i doubt there is anyone out there interested in my life of boringness enough to read it
maybe i'll change it to soontobelittleg.com?
(no, not pregnant yet, but we might be one day....)
anywho, point is, i might just turn this into a random blatherings blog or something...
i don't have much motivation, but i might be able to keep it up
things about the house
things about our marriage?
things about whatever baby we might possibly one day have?
who knows

how was the wedding you ask?
(yeah i should have blogged this closer to after the wedding, cuz ya know, i have a crappy memory, but, this day is pretty emblazoned in my mind...)
it was fantastic
the rehearsal dinner went well
lou came home, and got stuff ready, and then went to stay with his parents, and i stayed at my parents (well, i STILL hadn't moved out quite yet...soooooooooooo my house?)

i slept no problem, and woke up early to meet my sister at the hair salon to get my hair did....my hair came out fantastic! i loved it, and carly's hair came out great too...i love crissy (she used to work with me at the wiz....eh...ya know,i need a haircut now too!)

then went home and hung out a little....waiting for everyone to show up...carly mike and the kids, ilissa, sasha, andrea....the flowers, the makeup lady and the photographer....the makeup lady showed up and did mom's makeup and then carly's, and then mine, and the flowers came and they were exactly what i was hoping for! i'm glad that i went and asked to have the hydrangea in my bouquet....it made the gerbers look much fuller....they came out perfect! no joke...they forgot my toss bouquet, but that's ok, b/c we just used my mom's...so it all worked out...we got the bouts and stuff delivered to the church, got one for my grandfather....the photographer came and he was awesome...got some great shots of me getting my makeup, of my girls just hanging around....carly helping me get dressed in my room....some of the pictures you can see my toad albums hanging on the wall! ;) i LOVE my dress! i think it looked fantastic...the dress, my hair, my makeup, my jewlry...loved it alleven though i'm making a weird face in this one...ohwell.....from here we took some pictures outside of me and my girls, and with my parents and the kids and the girls....dad and i got in the rolls, and the girls got in the limo...mike and my mom went in his car....when we got to the churchi just wanted out of the car! i felt like marge on the plane "let me out let me out let me out let me out let me out" and the door was locked so that i couldn't open it, the window wouldn't open...nothing! just dad walking around outside, me seeing some people arriving....meanwhile
the guys were hanging out inside....waiting with the guests for the ceremony to begin....and finally i'm let out of the car, but ushered into a tiny room on the side where i couldn't see anything and so noone could see me....and as i'm standing there, i met the videographer (had only spoken with him on the phone and via email)...
then everyone walks out....and i just want to see the kids walking down, but i couldn't see....but dad promised me that they were doing great! i wish i had seen it, but, i did see red petals dropped equidistant down the aisle in equal amounts....so courtney did great (and from what the video shows, jakey did great too)... walking down the aisle with my father was one of the most exciting, happy, anxious, whatever feeling you could imagine, that i felt ever in my entire life....when the doors opened, i had heard people say just concentrate on your groom, so when the doors opened, i looked straight at lou, and noticed that he had got new glassesand he looked great! he looked like james bond yo....well, that was the plan, he wanted to have a tux like james bond in casino royale.....the first thing i said to him was "i love your glasses!" i was so stupid giddy and so happy and so stupid happy....and we go through the ceremony and we say our i dos, and then we do the candle lighting and i try and take out the candle that my mom lit and apparently shoved with all the force in the world back into the holder...there's some lovely pictures of me struggling to take it out of the holder...and which led to me getting wax all over my arm! it was very funny.....so then we go and exchange rings....and then, omg! we're married! (which is what i was saying to him in the first 2 pictures)

so we took some pictures around the church, and then lou's coworker, ron, was there with his classic car and we got some super awesome pictures

then we went to my grandparents house since my grandmother couldn't make it, so we went to say hi and so she could see how pretty i looked! and from there we went to the williams center for the arts (its a movie theater) for our bridal party pictures....it was super awesome! and we got some great pictures

then we got to the reception hall and the reception was fantastic! the food was great! the dj played all the right music! the cake! THE CAKE! was GREAT! the place cards came out great the ice sculpture! i can't find enough words that mean fantastic! i need a thesaurus.....

and here are a couple of my fave pics from outside the landmark

so, the wedding was fantastic beyond words
everyone had a great time! we've had nothing but positive feed back since
we were soo happy and we had soo much fun and i wish we could do it again and again
and now we're in our house together, and my name is changed and we are husband and wife
and its not as weird as i thought it would be
but i do miss home with my folks....but this is good too :)

if you want to see the rest of our pictures, they can be found here
lou and danielle's wedding pictures
its a share site i started....and there are our professional pictures, the pictures that the dj took for the candids during the wedding, there are pictures that guests took, pictures from my shower and pictures from our maui honeymoon! (which, was, can you guess? fantastic!)

and here you can see the highlight video from our wedding
lou and danielle's wedding hilight video

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