wow! haven't updated in a while....

so last i left you we had worked on the card box and i made my hoodie...
since then...
this is the card box now

we found some stars in the scrapbooking section and randomly placed them around to cover the holes in the box....i love it! we have to affix the letters to the box yet....but its done!

we got our cake topper!


so we also met with the landmark and went over the details for the wedding and picked out the cake and apparently we get an ice sculpture? so we looked through
a book and we saw a 4 layered square cake that had a bow and the ribbons going down the side...looked pretty much like our inspiration cake...and i gave him the picture i had and said, i guess like this cake with the bow, but no bow and only one "ribbon" piece coming down, to look like this....and he said the bakery can do that! awesome! and no fondant! hooray cuz louie does not like the fondant...
then he mentioned ice sculpture, and i thought we'd have a book to pick from, and he said what do you want? so we came up with a movie projector...hopefully the guy can do it...
and for linens, we went with silver and then with black and white napkins...i think it'll look awesome!

what else....
what else
we got courtney's dress!

its us angels...we got it at babyz and kidz dynamics in sparta (used to be in the rockaway mall)...the lady that works there is really awesome! check it out www.bkdynamics.com...
its an ivory dress and we got a black sash for it....yay!

my jewllery!
i got it from etsy seller saharaamaya....and i LOVE IT! she made it special for me! well the earrings she did...


we stickered up and filled the favors!
although, after filling, we realized that when i stickered them up, they may or may not have been completely straight...and we cut the ribbon for it...we realized we need more ribbon too!

speaking of ribbon, i also cut and tied ribbon on to all the bubbles! 12 dozen! oi! and i'm sure we won't even need that many since lou wants rice too, so some people will throw rice and some will blow bubbles...i have a feeling there will be some bubble wands with black ribbon for sale on 10/11...

the week before, my sister and i put the invites together and pretty much assembled most of them, but they're not all together...mom needed to do the addressing, which she did! awesome! so tonight we are going to put the rest of the stuff together...did i show ya what they look like?

so....we also did the centerpieces...well, just the ribbon and the monogram part....we still need to fill them...i think we've decided against the non pariels because it takes effort to put them into the vase just right....so i guess now its black twizzlers...blech...i do not like black twizzlers....but here's what the center one will look like

what else
so...i was trying to figure out for ring bearer pillow...i saw these cool ring bearer bowls on etsy, by seller paloma's nest....and i couldn't figure out if i wanted it to say to have and to hold, or with this ring...or something else...so after much conversing with cory, she mentioned something disney...which then my mind ran straight to the wishes song that plays during the fireworks...perfect! so i decided on having the bowl say "...and all our wishes, will come true" and with the date on it....and then cory offered to buy it for me! so sweet! i'm so anxious for it to come in!
this is what one of them looks like

oh! i also had my shower! it was awesome! and i was totally surprised...like for reals...my sister and i were supposed to be going to see the little mermaid on broadway, taking my 3yo niece for her birthday...so one of her friends was getting us tickets through a connection, but my bil hadn't had a chance to meet up with him, so we had to get them from his fiance....she just so happened to be at rivara's at a party for her grandmother.....ok fine...believable...cuz i was so excited to go see the little mermaid again! so we get there and carly goes, she wants to see courtney, hasn't seen her in a while, plus, its probably a good idea if she tries to go potty first...come with me...ok...not a problem...so we're walking to the front door and i, totally jokingly, not serious at all ask if its my shower and carly goes no she wouldn't disappoint me like that knowing how excited i was for the little mermaid....so we get there, go up the stairs and carly says go in first, and i'm all, but i don't know these people, so i open the door, and like, everyone was quiet and i'm thinking "is this a surprise party for the 80yo gramma? do they think i'm her? why would they surprise an 80yo? wait? why is ilissa here? she knows the gramma? wait, lissa, my mom? what the..." totally my shower, and totally awesome!
here are some pictures from my shower

i'm blogged out...i'm sure there's more...but whatevs...

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